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NGO Registration in Pakistan

  • An Association as a public limited company, without addition of the word “Limited” or the expression “(Guarantee) Limited”, to its name for promoting commerce, art, science, religion, health, education, research, sports, protection of environment, social welfare, charity or any other useful object and such company intends to apply the company’s profits and other income in promoting its objects and that it prohibits the payment of dividends to the company’s members and such company’s objects and activities are not and shall not, at any time, be against the laws, public order, security, sovereignty and national interests of Pakistan to get licence under section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017.
  • CXPL to deal with the Registrar and other Regulatory Authorities to get licence under section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017 to setting off of NGO Registration in Pakistan.
  • CXPL extend you to provide support not only at the time of registration but also maintain post registration statutory filing and statutory requirements whenever you need. “We encourage new ideas, methods, processes and practices of the Members”.

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